Who is Exodus Youth Worx?

Exodus Youth Worx SA is a Registered South African Non-profit Organization established in 2016.

Exodus established a Community Development Project in the northern township of Johannesburg. Our aim is to serve the needs of the vulnerable children of the Tembisa community. The project included:

  • a crèche to serve the vulnerable children of the community. In many cases the children received little to no attention at home due to an absent or working parent.                   
  • an after school programme to cater to 6-12 year olds (homework support and mentoring, sports and arts activities and a nutritious meal in a safe and welcoming environment)

Our Core Values Are

Equality. Dignity. EMPOWERMENT. Perseverance. Growth. Compassion. EDUCATION. Environmental Consciousness. COMMUNITY. Humanity. Family. Gender Equality. DIVERSITY. Wellbeing. Health